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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need STANCE?

It has been clearly recognised in legislation, guidance and policy that schools have a responsibility to challenge ALL forms of bullying, including homophobic.  The government and other lobbying and professional bodies have promoted that the the most effective way for this to be done is through a whole school approach and have identified 10 things that schools should be doing.  The STANCE resource pack includes all the relevant materials that will enable a school address the 10 areas and tackle homophobic bullying. 

Does the resource pack cover homophobic bullying aimed at teachers as well as pupils/students ?

Yes.  STANCE contains useful information, advice and resources for teachers who are experiencing homophobic bullying by young people or adults in their school.  For example, there is information relating to legislation, guidance and policy materials, accounts of other teachers who have experienced homophobic bullying and practical advice and activities for challenging homophobic bullying. 

How many pages are there in each book ?

The total number of pages in the the STANCE resource pack is just under 500.

Book One - 58, Book Two - 32, Book Three - 68, Book Four - 74, Book Five - 76, Book Six - 54, Book Seven - 14, Book 8 - 48, Book 9 - 32, Book 10 - 22. 

Can the materials be used without training?

Yes.  The STANCE materials were deliberately designed to be user friendly and accessible to school staff and pupils.  Once received, many of the materials can be picked up and used immediately with no training required, for example posters can be put up, information and support can be made available to young people, curriculum activities can be introduced to lessons, staff training can be planned, etc.  Confident members of staff can even plan and deliver the staff training sessions themselves if they feel capable.  Training for using and implementing the STANCE resource pack will be available in 2008.

Could the STANCE materials be used in Primary Schools?

The STANCE materials were specifically developed for use in secondary school settings.  However, some of the materials could be used in a primary setting and others could be adapted for appropriate use.  It is hoped that in the future, STANCE will produce materials specifically aimed at primary schools.  For further information and resources aimed at addressing homophobia in primary settings, please visit the Sunderland-based "No Outsiders" project.     



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