Leicestershire Anti-Bullying Team
Book 9 - Don't Make Assumptions

Young people are under considerable pressure to conform to certain looks, or certain patterns of behaviour. This is particularly true in relation to gender roles: boys must act and behave in a certain way, and girls must act in another.

These fixed ideas discourage young people from taking healthy risks, and exploring new opportunities and experiences. If pupils do not feel able to be themselves, they will not do as well or fulfil the aims and objectives of Youth Matters. It may have an impact on their self-esteem and their sense of worth. For young LGB people, if they do not feel able to be themselves in school, or discover things about themselves, they may seek these experiences elsewhere. This is can be risky for both boys and girls.

The materials in Book 9 will help staff and pupils to challenge their assumptions and stereotypes.

Book 9 - Don't Make Assumptions
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