Leicestershire Anti-Bullying Team

What is STANCE?

STANCE is the logical ‘next step’.  Over the past decade, the government has strived to eradicate all forms of bullying in schools, including homophobic bullying.  The most recent example of this drive is seen in the ‘Safe to Learn’ guidance (2007), in which 136 pages of guidance sets out what schools MUST be doing to challenge and prevent homophobic bullying.  This document, written by Stonewall and Educational Action Challenging Homophobia (EACH), provides clear and straightforward guidance to schools recommending a whole school approach to challenge homophobic bullying. 

However, school staff need more than guidance if they are going to successfully and effectively tackle this form of bullying…

STANCE Against Homophobic Bullying is a comprehensive resource pack, full of the materials schools need to address homophobic bullying in the manner in which the guidance suggests…a whole school approach.  STANCE includes Staff training materials (Book 4), Information for pupils (Book 5), Curriculum resources (Book 6), Policy guidance (Book 2), materials to promote a positive social environment and much more.

What is STANCE?
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