Leicestershire Anti-Bullying Team

BBC Inside Out London about gay education in primary and secondary schools

10 March 2009

Controversial film showing how education is integrating gay education to the classroom.

How will people react when it could be made law to deal with these issues in schools.

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Leicestershire launches Anti-Homophobic Bullying Play - "Gay"

16 January 2008

A new play on the damaging effects of homophobic bullying is set to tour Leicestershire schools from January 2008.
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Stance on the BBC

7 December 2007

See the Stance Resource Pack as featured on "BBC East Midlands Today"

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Examples of pages from the Stance resource pack

3 December 2007

Example of pages from the Stance Resource Pack are now available on the Stance website

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STANCE endorsed by The Football Association

3 December 2007

STANCE Against Homophobic Bullying received a boost recently, when it was endorsed by The Football Association (The FA). 

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"Stance" launched in Leicestershire

22 November 2007

STANCE Against Homophobic Bullying was officially launched on 19th November, 2007 coinciding with the start of National Anti Bullying Week 2007.  This innovative, one of a kind resource pack was launched by County Council Leader, David Parsons who said "We are faced with an issue that is prevalent in almost all secondary schools. It is recognised by teachers and other school staff but is not being directly addressed - this is unacceptable in the year 2007". 




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Understanding and implementing STANCE Against Homophobic Bullying

18 November 2007

Training planned for 2008...

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