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When I first joined Leicestershire Anti Bullying Team, part of my role was to develop guidance materials for Leicestershire schools in the area of homophobic bullying. What became evident was that there was already a huge amount of guidance in existence for this particular issue. What did not seem to exist, were the materials that would allow schools to understand, recognise and challenge homophobic bullying in school. So I set out to develop such a resource. Two years later, STANCE Against Homophobic Bullying has been launched. The materials have been developed with contributions from over 40 agencies and have received endorsement from The Football Association (The FA), Hope Powell (England women’s football team manager) and John Amaechi (former NBA player and author).

We at Leicestershire County Council, are sure that with the clear guidance produced by the government and the STANCE resource pack, schools can now begin to recognise and address homophobic bullying in our schools.

Phil Harbour, STANCE author


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Other related information can be found at everychildmatters.gov.uk/

What is STANCE?

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